Buying a property or land in Spain


Investing in another country can be a good move but at the same time it can be risky for you would need to have a good knowledge of the market you are approaching to. Having a key ally can make the difference between failure and success when buying a property or land in Spain. Our Law Firm counts with a group of professionals whose main goal is to help our clients to complete their conveyance process without delays or problems.

Even though the Spanish Real Estate market is not going through its best moment, experts agree that with the drop in the housing market prices, this can be the best moment for foreign investors or individuals to acquire a property or land whose value will eventually go up.

Investing in Spain is even more appealing for non EU citizens due to the recent law passed by the government which intends to help recovering the housing market at the same time it encourages international investment. This law states that all foreigners, whether EU citizens or not, who can afford a property or land for a value of 500,000 euros will have access to the Spanish residency.

Our Law Firm can help you to initiate your way toward a successful purchase.

If we add to all the above mentioned the fact that Spain counts with an unique gastronomy and culture, you may discover that this is the place to buy a house or even build your own place. Whether it is meant for holidays, permanent domicile or to set up a business, Spain has a lot to offer for newcomers: wonderful gastronomy and climate, excellent infrastructure, public services and much more. Even coming with your family could be a good option for you will find international schools and local newspapers in different languages depending on the zone you chose to live in.

Our law firm main office is located in Marbella; however, we operate in the entire Spanish territory. If you select one of our attorneys to represent you here in Spain, you will save time, money and effort for our solicitor is going to handle everything for you before the corresponding Spanish authority.

The language also can be a barrier between you and your future property, for the Spanish authorities will communicate and issue all the documentation in this language. Therefore, our solicitors will handle everything in both English and Spanish so you can understand everything you are signing and must do in order to complete the conveyance process.

Recommended steps

The first step for you is to select the property that fits your needs and budget. For this you may choose to contact a Real Estate agent or company in order to evaluate different opportunities available at the moment in the market. Once you have done this, you shall contact us, so we can represent you by means of a power of attorney and initiate the procedure. Since we want to protect your interests, our first move is to check that all the documentation, title deeds, licenses and taxes are up to date. For this we may request a Nota Simple or/and a Certificación Catastral at the Land Registry, certificate of first occupancy, certificate of habitability, among others.

Once we have verified all the documentation related with the property or land, we shall proceed to draft the corresponding documents such as a purchase-sale agreement or a private contract, register the property, coordinate the connection of the and pay taxes, among others.

Our Law Firm will help you to acquire the property of your dreams, contact us and request a quote for our services.