Form a Company in Spain

Why choosing Spain?

The Spanish government similarly to other European countries is currently encouraging foreign investment and commercial activity in order to improve the general economic situation of the country. Due to this, they are not only facilitating the immigration procedure but also, the steps to incorporate companies within the Spanish territory.

Spain is offering a wide range of commercial activities which includes not only companies related to tourism and hospitality (hotels, restaurants), but also, technology, communications and trade of goods. The last option is one of the most popular among investors because if an entrepreneur places his/her company in Spain, he or she may reach different markets such as Europe, Africa and Latin-America.

Considering all the above mentioned, if you are looking for a country to set up a company, Spain is a good place to think through when reviewing your options. However, it is important to always consider that starting a company in another country may require a lot of time and paperwork, which could turn this into a difficult task if you do not count with the appropriate legal support.

As a foreigner entering into a new legal system, we understand your doubts when dealing with it. Therefore, we have designed different services aimed to facilitate this road for you. As a bilingual and international Law Firm, we want to offer you the best. Thus, we have created a team with experts and lawyers highly qualified, with years of experience in the field, to provide a great service. They will be able to explain you the process to incorporate such company in Spain and even represent you in order to continue with process even if you are not in Spain but in your home country. Even if you have opened other companies around the world, our staff can offer you a first consultation, so you know what is the Spanish scenario for foreign investors.

Steps to form a company in Spain

Depending on the type of business you will be developing, you will need to fulfill certain steps and issue certain certificates to operate legally in Spain. Therefore, we can help you issuing each document, one by one and we will keep you informed along the process.

In general, after having a short meeting with you and review your business idea and assess you over the possibilities and steps, we will proceed to request on your behalf, and upon submitting the corresponding Power of Attorney to represent you, the following documents:

  • A Negative Certificate of Name: this document states that the name for your company is not in use and it shall be issued at the Company Registry.

  • The Fiscal Company Identification Number or CIF: this document is your identification number before the office of the Treasury Department.

  • Bank account with the name of the company: you will need a bank statement outlining the corresponding amount required by law to constitute a company.

  • Company statutes.

  • Deed of Incorporation before a Public Notary.

  • Property Transfer Tax and Stamp Duties: this should be done in advance and it normally represent a 1% of the initial company capital.

  • Certificate of Registration of the company in the corresponding Company Registry.

Remember that every document to be shown or submitted before the corresponding Spanish Administration Office must be in Spanish, therefore we will be able to draft the necessary documents in both languages so you know what you will be signing. Our attorneys can help you avoiding queues and unnecessary flights to Spain. Contact us and learn about our services.