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Family legal matters

If you have decided to come to live in Spain with your family or you have decided to start a family here in Spain, it is always advisable to have some knowledge of how Family Law works, for you may not know when you will have to deal with it in any event that may occur in the future. Family Law deals with family matters from marriage to divorce, child abductions and child adoptions, among others. The Spanish Civil Code governs many Family Law aspects which our experienced family lawyers know very well. Our Law Firm counts with a group of highly experienced attorneys in the field that will answer your queries, assess your case and protect your interest upon your request.

There are many cases in which the assessment of a lawyer become extremely important. Therefore, our staff will be able to help you with any case related to the following family or domestic matters:

  • Marriage and civil partnerships

    Spanish Civil Law recognize religious marriage, civil marriage and civil partnerships (Parejas de Hecho in Spanish). Foreigners can get married in Spain as long as they can provide their residency status and their Spanish Town Hall Registration Certificate (Certificado de Empadronamiento in Spanish). These documents will be requested along with the Birth Certificate of the future wife and husband. On the other hand, civil partnerships offer legal framework (property, adoption, survivor pensions and inheritance rights) to cohabitation between heterosexual couples, and more recently, same-sex couples. Our lawyers can help you fulfilling and gathering all legal requirements to register your marriage or civil partnership in the Civil Registry. Plus we can help you drafting a premarital agreement as well.

  • Divorce and nullity

    If you are going through a separation, you should count with the help of a lawyer who can protect your interests and achieve the best conditions in terms of property separation, alimony or maintenance for the spouse and/or children, and children guardianship. In Spain, a divorce proceeding can be initiated at the request of one of the spouses or both of them.

    In Spain, marriage can be declared nulled under certain conditions such as bigamy, spouses below legal age and when certain requirements have not been met (for instance when a marriage has not been solemnized by a judge or an officer duly authorized). This proceeding can be initiated by any of the spouses or a Prosecutor. Our Law Firm can help you completing this process and deal with the prosecutor and entire process. Read more…

  • Child custody and child abduction

    A divorce can turn difficult when there are children involved, especially when both parents wish to keep the custody of them and child support conditions must be settled. Our family lawyers know all the legal options and requirements to seek the best possible approach to this matter, for we know this is a sensitive for you and your family.

    Sometimes one of the parents or relative of the minors could take the worst decision for themselves and the children, which is taking the child out of the country without permission. This is consider child abduction and Spanish law foresees even imprisonment for those people who dare to break the law in this aspect. There are legal ways to gain visitation rights and custody but child abduction is an offence. Thus, before taking any risky decision appoint a consultation with our attorneys to evaluate your case and the best options available.

Our attorneys can assess other cases related to family law such as adoptions, child abuse domestic violence, among others. Therefore, contact us and learn how we can help you to solve any matter related to family law.