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Spain is one of the European countries receiving most visitors throughout the year. Its wonderful location makes it very appealing for many people, not only for tourism purposes but also for studying, making business, investing or just staying for a while to enjoy of a different culture, society, weather and environment. All these visitors entering to Spanish territory, especially those who are not part of any of the EU member states, must follow an immigration process to enter legally into the country; therefore, counting with the help of an immigration lawyer can be very convenient to sort out any situation or clear any doubt about the process to apply for a visa prior traveling to our country.

Our Law Firm is fully aware of all the opportunities that Spain has to offer for those foreigners who wish to settle for different reasons inside its borders. We count with immigration lawyers with years of experience in the field, who know how to help you applying for a visa according to your intended activity when entering into our country, your professional profile and the personal reasons leading you to come to Spain.

You must bear in mind that Spanish Foreign Law foresees many alternatives for those foreigners looking forward to come to the country, which without the adequate information could be misunderstood. As a result, sometimes we found that our clients do not fully understand the whole complexity of these laws and do not know which visa or permit is the best option for them. Our team in just one consultation can give you proper advice in this regard, those helping you to take the right steps.

Spanish visas

The Spanish Laws foresee two different types of visas: short term visa and long term visas. The short term visa is known as the Schengen visa, which will allow you to enter to Spanish territory for tourism, studying or making business only for 90 days or 3 months. On the other hand, long term visas include all types of visa which will allow you to reside temporarily in Spain for a period over 3 months. These visas are divided according to the purpose of your visit or activity to be developed when staying in Spain. These types of visas are the following:

  • Residence and work visa
    It allows the holder to live and work or develop a lucrative activity in Spain. You may work for a third party, work as autonomous or even set up your own company. Read more…
  • Wealth Visa
    It allows the holder to live in Spain without developing any professional or lucrative activity. You can apply for this visa provided that you have financial means to cover your expenses while in our country. Read more…
  • Student Visa
    It is meant for those persons who will study in registered educational institutions in Spain, complete internships or carry researches or certain studies. You may even request this type of visa for staying in the country to learn Spanish.
  • Investor visa
    It is intended for those entrepreneurs who have selected Spain to make a significant investment or set up a business in our country.
  • Property visa
    It is a new visa granted for those foreign investors who make a significant investment in property in Spain. The property or properties must be around 500,000.00 € to be considered for this visa. With this investment, the applicant will have access to Spanish residency. Read more…

Our immigration lawyers not only can help you applying for visas, but also for family reunification process, appeals and even recovery or issuing your Spanish nationality (Read more…). Our Law Firm can handle and guide you in different immigration matters, contact us today and learn about our services and fees.