Spanish NIE number

Spanish NIE number.

When dealing with an immigration, corporate or real estate matter in Spain, one of the first documents that you will be requested is a NIE number or Foreign Identification number. This document is a personal, unique and sequential number which is granted to any foreigner, whether you are a national of a EU country or not, who wish to carry different activities in Spain, such as buy a property, car, open a bank account, start a business, study or work.

This NIE or “Número de Identidad de Extranjero” in Spanish is a similar document to the DNI (“Documento Nacional de Identidad” in Spanish) which is a document for Spanish citizens. A person cannot issue a NIE if he or she has the legal right to be entitled the DNI.

In order to issue this document, generally you shall appear in person before the corresponding Spanish Office, plus filling out a form in Spanish. Due to the high volume of request to issue such document, some cities, specially the big ones such as Madrid or Barcelona, require to schedule an appointment weeks in advance, besides further documentation about the reason to request your Spanish Foreign Identification number.

Our website puts to your disposition a group of people highly qualified to apply on your behalf for your NIE. Our Law Firm counts with immigration solicitors with the necessary expertise and knowledge of the Spanish administration to complete the application process for you. Since the NIE is a personal identification number, the Spanish Law foresees that you could allow a third party to act on your behalf to do this for you by means of a Power Attorney. Therefore, just by granting a Power of Attorney in favor of one of our solicitors, the same will be able legally appointed to handle everything for you before the corresponding Spanish Police Office.

What documents do I need to submit to issue my NIE number?

  • The NIE application form completed in Spanish.

  • Original and copy of your passport or travel document.

  • A Power of Attorney authorizing our solicitors to represent you in the application process.

  • Other documentation as tittle deeds of a property or car, etc. if applicable.

When issuing your NIE, you must be fully aware that as it is an identification number, it will be granted to you for life. This number will never change and you will be required to hand in a copy when starting different procedures or administrative actions in Spain.

What can I do if I’ve lost my NIE number?

If you have misplaced your NIE certificate, you don’t have a copy or you don’t remember the number, you´ll need to request again a NIE certificate again before a local Police Station. The process will be same as applying for the first time and the number appearing in the certificate will be the same.

Since the procedure to reissue your NIE is similar to the first time, you will be asked to provide the supporting documentation again. Thus, if you have misplaced your NIE our legal staff can help you retrieving your number.

When issuing your NIE, you must remember that a NIE doesn’t entitle the applicant immediate legal residency in Spain for a long period. Requesting residency is a different procedure in which our immigration attorneys can assess you as well. Also, the NIE and NIF (Tax identification number) are not the same, though you will be required to have the NIE first to issue your NIF. Our Law Firm can represent you in this and other procedures. Contact us today.