Spanish Nationality


If you were born in Spain you are automatically entitled the Spanish citizenship. However, this is not the only way to get the Spanish nationality. The Spanish Law in the Civil Code foresees other possibilities that would entitle a person to become a Spanish citizen or even get the double citizenship. If you have been living as a resident in Spain for a specific period now, or have married a Spanish citizen, you may be granted the nationality. This right to citizenship is given when certain requirements and circumstances are met. Thus, if you wish to know if your profile and situation comply with the law, you should seek legal guidance in order to receive a personalized evaluation and assessment over your own legal matter.

Our Law Firm counts with solicitors who have many years of experience dealing with file to apply for citizenship. We assess international clients on a daily basis. Also, we are frequently contacted for Spanish citizens who wish to know how to pass their own nationality to their family members. In all cases, we assess and give our clients all the possibilities and alternatives for our goal is to get an effective solution.

In general, our clients may claim the Spanish nationality when any of the following conditions are met:

  • Spanish nationality for origin

    Those children born in Spanish territory will be granted the Spanish nationality. The Spanish Civil Code in accordance with the Article 17 foresees that every girl or boy born in Spain will receive the Spanish nationality, provided that at least one of the parents of the child has the Spanish citizenship.

    Also, the Law states that if a child was born in Spain and his/her parents are foreigners, the minor may be granted the nationality provided that the child’s parents do not hold a nationality or the laws of the country of the same doesn’t grant the nationality directly. This Law is applicable given that Spain is the first place of residence of the child.

  • Spanish nationality for residency

    The Spanish Law states that any foreigner who has been living in Spain legally for a period of 10 years has the right to request the Spanish citizenship. This 10 years period may be reduced provided that certain conditions are met, such as:

    • A period of 5 years of legal residence will be requested to those foreigners who have been living in Spain under the refugee status.
    • A period of 2 years of legal residence will be requested to those foreigners who have the citizenship of Andorra, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal, Latin American countries or Sephardic origin.
    • A period of one year of legal residence will be requested to those foreigners who are married with a Spanish citizen and those who have been under the legal guardianship of a Spaniard.

    The applicants shall prove as well that they have been model citizens and they are fully integrated in the Spanish society.

  • Spanish nationality for Sephardic heritage.

    The Spanish government has recently passed a preliminary draft of a bill granting the nationality to those descendants of Sephardic Jewish who were expelled from Spain after 1942. This law would benefit those applicants who can actually prove their Sephardic heritage and connections with his/her Spanish ancestors. This procedure may take up to two years to be solved by the Spanish authorities.

When applying for your nationality all the documentation must be translated into Spanish and duly legalized. Also, you may submit all the requested documentation in the nearest Consulate of your domicile or in the nearest Civil Registry in Spain of your domicile.

Our Law Firm can guide you over the entire process to request your nationality, just contact us.