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Our lawyer’s overview of Spanish Market

2014 seems to be the perfect year to invest in Real Estate market in Europe. There are many countries offering great conditions for foreigners who wish to buy a homes for reasonable prices; however, Spain could be the best option of all. Our country’s characteristics such as weather and privileged position geographically speaking, along with its infrastructure, culture and diverse society, make this nation very appealing for investors around the world who wish to acquire a property outside their homeland. Putting your money in a new place can be challenging and risky if you do not count with the right people to guide you over. Our Real Estate lawyers know all they key elements that you must consider when entering in the housing market in Spain and how to deal with the legal aspect of it.

Last year, the government passed different laws in relation to foreign investment in the country to improve the economic situation of Spain. These measures have indeed attracted new investors and entrepreneurs, who have found that they need the help and expertise of Real Estate Lawyers to actually be able to navigate all the paperwork and process involved in the purchasing, selling or leasing of a property in Spain. It always important to bear in mind that conveyance process can be time consuming for there are certain steps, conditions and requirements that must be fulfilled in compliance with law, thus our solicitors can assess and represent you in every single part of the process to avoid any delay, frauds or any other pitfall in connection therewith.

Our law firm’s services

Our Real Estate Lawyers can represent you by means of a Power of Attorney before any institution, private or public, to solve any matter related to the acquisition, leasing or selling of a property in Spain. For instance, when acquiring a property you must evaluate the market and the different options offered and once you have seen the property you wish to buy, you shall contact a Real Estate Lawyer to run a check of the property status to make sure that everything is clear and legal in relation to the characteristics and licenses of the property.

Before fulfilling any payment to the owner of the property or the construction company, you should ask your lawyer to request a “Nota Simple” in the Land of Registry to check the persons who have owned the property before, if it is charged with any burden or encumbrance, etc.

In our Law Firm our services and efforts are aimed to protect our clients’ interests, thus we will take any precautions to make sure that you are walking the right path to a successful and trouble less purchase, lease or sale of a property in Spain. Once we have checked that the property or land is compliant with law, our Real Estate Lawyers can help you negotiating a good offer and price for the same; negotiating with the financial institution or the bank of your preference fair and good conditions for a loan or mortgage to acquire the property; drafting or checking the corresponding purchase and sale agreement or lease contract; register the property; and hiring the corresponding services (water, electricity, etc.).

If you need specific information for buying a property or land in Spain please read this article.

It is important to bear in mind that it is always advisable that a Real Estate Lawyer verify the conditions written in the contract between you and the other party, whether you are the buyer, the seller, the lessor or the lessee. For instance, the conditions of a leasing contract for residency purposes are not the same that for holidays purposes. The law contemplates certain conditions for those agreements intended for long leasing periods, such as stipulating a three-year compulsory lease.

Frequent unplanned visits to Spain to solve different matters related to the conveyance process can be exhausting for you besides increasing the costs of the same; therefore, our Real Estate Lawyers can assess you and represent you. Contact us and find out about our services and our fees.