Residence and work permit


Starting a second life in a new country can be complicated if you do not know how your arrival and life there is going to be from an immigration point of view. Most of the time if you wish to be able to engage in a professional activity in another country you will have to deal with legal permits and a lot of paperwork. Thus, if you are willing to move to Spain to live and work you may need the help of a professional in the legal area who knows very well the Spanish immigration law.

The law foresees different types of permits for those foreigners willing to apply for a visa to work and reside in Spain. Normally, the general requirements are similar among them. The key aspect is indeed to know which type of work and residence permit is the right for your profile, your circumstances and also your family.

As a Law Firm with years of experience, this transition between moving from your country to Spain should start with the right move: selecting the right type of visa. Therefore, we normally offer our future clients a consultation to assess them professionally and legally about their current situation and instruct them about the Spanish legal frame where they are and will be once they have decided to apply for a visa.

Based on your profile, expectations and needs, you could apply for different residence-work permit. They vary according to the activity you plan to do once in Spain, that is to say work on your own, work for a third party, work just for a fixed time period (for those cases when a foreigner will come to Spain to fulfill an internship, investigation, work as an au pair, summer positions, etc.).

Also, it is important to mention that Spanish laws foresee that a person who already holds a residency permit in Spain may change his/her status to get a work permit as well.

For each one of the above mentioned types of residence and work permit, you shall provide different documents as it is outlined below:

  • Work for a third party

    In this case, the help of your future employer is the key element. The person, company or institution that is offering you a job shall provide different documents proving that you will receive a monthly income resulting from your activity with them. Generally, it is required:

    • An employment contract signed by you and your employer.
    • CIF number.
    • Documents proving that the company is up to date with tax payment and social security.
  • Work as a Self-employed

    If you are willing to start your own business or professional activity in Spain, you shall provide a full description of it, proving that you will be able to carry such lucrative activity without inconvenient for the time that the work permit is being granted. In this case, you shall provide the following documents stating the following:

    • Sufficient funds to start the company or lucrative activity.
    • Sufficient funds to cover your personal expenses while in Spain.
    • Reasons why you are qualified to develop such activity.
    • NIE and social security number.
  • Residence and work permit for specific activities

    If you have been invited by a college, university or any other institution to develop a very specific activity due to your professional qualifications, you may apply for a work permit for the time that such activity last. This particular aspect of the law is aimed for professors, researchers, military officials, artists, athletes, among others. When applying for the corresponding permit, you must provide a letter from the institution that will sponsor your activity in the country and why you were invited to participate.

Our Law Firm’s goal is to help you and your family coming to Spain without any inconvenient and complying with all the legal requirements stablished in the Spanish Law. Contact us and learn about our services.