Residence visa through property purchase


For those investors who wish to expand their possibilities and reach new markets, Spain is currently offering them the possibility of acquiring property and also receiving a resident legal status in this country as well. The new law, which was passed in September 2013, expects to empower international investment in housing market in order to improve the economic performance of this particular area over the last years. This law foresees that those persons who acquire a property for a value of €500,000 or several properties reaching such amount will have the possibility of issuing the Spanish residency.

Along, with the Spanish residency the investor, and now resident applicant, will have access to the Schengen area for travelling purposes among those countries which have signed this treaty. This aspect makes this law even more appealing for those investors who are non-EU citizens.

Our Law Firm based on its years of experience in immigration area and Real Estate Law, along with a highly qualified group of solicitors will offer you the best assessment for both the conveyance process and the residency application.

The law is meant to facilitate the process of the residency status for those investors proving such relevant investment in housing market.

Even though the standard procedure must be followed and certain requirements must be met, the time for processing this application is faster in comparison to other visas and permits, which could take even 2 months to be resolved by the Spanish authorities. Once the applicant has submitted all the necessary documentation, the resolution could take only 20 days.

The property you select can be used for commercial purposes or housing (whether permanent or occasional, or even renting), the most important is to reach the settled amount.

Our attorneys will be able to save you unnecessary trips to Spain, for we can represent you in the conveyance process and once this has been fulfilled, we will guide you over the documents you must submit before the corresponding Spanish Diplomatic Mission or Consulate to achieve the Spanish residency.

Our experience in the Real Estate law is blended perfectly with our knowledge of the Spanish housing market, thus we can offer you the best assessment prior the acquisition of the property, based on your needs, budget and expectations about it. Once you have selected the property, we will start any legal procedure on your behalf in relation to this, such as drafting the contract, dealing with taxes, land registry, etc.

Once you count with the tittle deed of the property, we will guide you over the requirements you must present to apply for residency, such as passport, criminal records, bank statements to prove sufficient funds to cover your expenses while living in Spain, international health insurance, medical report, etc.

It is important to keep in mind that all the relevant documentation must be submitted in Spanish, and those certifications and documents must not exceed 3 months since they were issued by the competent authority.

Finally, the relatives and family members of the applicant and/or investor may have access to the residence status as well. Our Law Firm can help you applying for their permits provided that certain legal conditions are met. In addition to this, we can help you renewing your Spanish residency permit for the Spanish Law allows it given that the conditions for granting the residence in first place are still the same.

We offer the most complete services for our foreign clients interested in acquiring properties as well as residency. Write us and schedule a consultation with one our lawyers.